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Cold Rolled Products

Mezzanine Floor Systems

 Hi-Span C-Channels are a comprehensive range of channels for a diversity of applications. Primarily for use within mezzanine floors, C-Channel sections can also be applied in many other circumstances such as door framing, roof trimming, window trimming, brickwork restraints, parapet rails and side rails.
 The mezzanine floor beam depths of 127, 220, 270, and 290mm are all catered for within the range, together with channel depths of 150, 170, 205, 230, 255, 305 and 350mm, which are fully compatible with our 'Z' purlin and rail sections. While mezzanine floor beams are normally punched with 18 diameter holes as standard, 14 diameter holes are also available in these sections, together with the option of counterformed holes.

Single Span Design
The single span design is more commonly used than the double span design due to floor depth restrictions. Please ensure that the holes in the standard MFB cleat projects far enough beyond the flange of the hot rolled member to provide adequate fixing to the C-Channel. Non standard cleats are available.

Double Span Design
The double span design is usde when there is no depth restrictions within the floor zone. The benefit of a continuous member is reduced deflections, which in turn can reduce the sections size and therefore cost. Standard purlin cleats can be used for this system.

Restraint Requirements
As the bottom flange of the C-Channel is usually unrestrained we recommend that a Hi-Span tubular sag rod is fitted. Where possible the channel should face toe to toe with the restraint situated in the lower gauge line holes. (Typically spans less than 3.50m do not require restraints).

Threaded Sag Bars 
These 19mm diameter flow-coat galvanised and lacquered seamless tubular sag bars are prefered by many consultants and structural engineers; not only for visual effect, but also from a structural point of view. They are sturdy (0.9mm thick) and the zinc plated 12mm dia. threaded end spigots with nut and washer provide a positive fixing. (They are available in three standard lengths 20mm, 32mm and 100mm).

Floor Cleats
When Hi-Span C-Channels are used as mezzanine floor beams the MFB cleats should be used at the supports. The cleats are manufactured from a thicker material than the trimmer cleats to support the higher shear loads associated with floors. When a double span system is used, hot rolled cleats are needed in order to support the web of the channel. Fixing directly through the bottom flange of the channel to the supporting member is not recommended.

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